Why Are Honda Cr V So Easy To Steal

Trucks And SUVs With Key Fobs Top Most Stolen List IBC Says CBC


The four-door 2018 Honda CRV with all-wheel drive holds the ignominious title of being the most stolen vehicle in Canada this year, with 350 …
PSA: Honda CRV 2019 Car owners – Thieves have figured out something that lets them steal these cars easily. Ours was stolen two days ago, keep …

Honda Vehicles Are A Prime Target For The Theft Of Catalytic Converters

The Rise of Theft in Catalytic Converters of Honda Vehicles

Thieves look to steal from Honda due to their larger engines and higher ground … Honda CRV is a target for catalytic converter theft.

Ruthless Focus On Twitter Honda CR V Is The Most Stolen Car In


Honda CR-V is the most stolen car in Canada followed by Lexus So many cars are stolen …

Tips On How To Prevent Your Honda From Being Stolen

Tips on How to Prevent Your Honda From Being Stolen

The 2016 Hot Wheels report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau ranks the top 10 cars most beloved by thieves, and the Honda Accord is number one. In 2015, …

CRV Stolen From Driveway Honda CR V Owners Club Forums


I had my locked 2018 Honda CRV Touring stolen from my driveway this week. The thief can be seen unlocking and entering my car in 60 seconds.

How Vehicles Are Being Stolen And What You Can Do To Stop It Blog


Police in Waterloo Region and throughout southern Ontario are warning car owners of new techniques that thieves are … 2) Honda CR-V Series

Most Stolen Cars In America And Steps You Can Take To Avoid Losing

Most stolen cars in America—and steps you can take to avoid losing yours

#10. Honda CR-V · #9. GMC Pickup (full size) · #8. Dodge Pickup (full size) · #7. Toyota Corolla · #6. Nissan Altima · #5. Toyota Camry · #4. Honda …

Honda CR Vs Remain An Easy Target The Riverdale Press


Another Honda disappears. Honda should really start selling their cars, especially the CR-V, with the disclaimer they’re really easy to steal.